Why Many People Prefer To Use Proxy?

Using proxy is not a common thing as for now, but for the tech inclined web browsers, using proxies is an efficient method to protect the IP address as well as your web identity. As there is so much tracking and web monitoring going on by almost all the websites as well as the social media sites, it is essential to use the proxy to hide your IP address, so that they cannot track who you are, and from where you are browsing. Your IP address would never be revealed by using the proxies from different countries http://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/mixcountry.html and this would help you continue with your web browsing experience without having to lock yourself with one IP address. It helps in faster connection to the internet as well, because you many of the proxies used web cache to provide you access to the site. Proxies also allow anonymous web browsing experience, and can even help you with SEO efforts if you happen to be an SEO professional, so that you can manage multiple accounts of your clients, without letting the search engine or the social media sites know or feel that you are doing anything illegitimate.

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  • Several Users With One Internet Connection – If you have many users using one internet connection, chances of malware and spy entering your server increase by tenfold. Thus, to protect your server from being compromised, using proxy are helpful.
  • Enhanced Security – Since proxy hides your IP address from being tracked, it can lead to enhanced security of your server. Most hackers will track your online activity through your IP address and will attack when you are most vulnerable. When you are cannot be seen online, there is no way that the hackers can try to compromise your data and steal them.

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  • Faster Speed – Proxy saves most requested files in the cache. So when user requests for a common file, it directly sends it to the users’ computers without even sending it to the web. Thus, it reduces the surfing time. Also, it compresses large files and this gives a boost to the bandwidth increasing the internet speed and allows better surfing experience for the users.

If you are still new to the concept of proxies, you may want to do a little research of your own, so that you do not make the mistake of choosing an unreliable proxy server.

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Author Bio – Fiona Davis is a tech blogger and an expert on cyber security issues. She has also written many articles on the topic of proxies and proxy servers, and believes it has far reaching usage than what it is currently used for.

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