Buying A Video Camera On Black Friday: 5 Mistakes To Avoid


The craziest shopping-related pseudo-holiday is nearly upon us, Black Friday. Like every year, hordes of shoppers will take to the mall and any other retail store in search of major savings on all sorts of products. A lot of excitement and intensity surrounds Black Friday, which can make some folks get a little too caught up in the “need to save” rather than make informed buyer-decisions.

 One of the many items to be found on sale during Black Friday are video cameras. And since such pieces of technology are fairly pricey year-round, shoppers make a huge effort to snatch recording devices when sales begin.

 If you’re in the market for a video camera, you should do the same. But there are some mistakes you should avoid to ensure you make the best decision. Read on to find out what not to do when buying a video camera on Black Friday.

 Know What You Want, Exactly

No one needs to tell you that Black Friday is an intense day to head to just about any retail location. Regardless of where you’re going to buy a video a camera, there will be tons of other shoppers.

That’s why you need to know exactly what kind of camera you want and what you’re going to be using it for. Do you just need a small compact camera to take on vacation? Maybe you want one with WiFi connectivity to instantly share on social media? Or perhaps you need a camera with the best quality video possible?

Knowing what you want out of a camera will help you determine which models you should be looking at first, so you’re not spending time perusing through the aisles and looking at product features. Remember, everyone else is on the scene looking at the best deals, so don’t waste any valuable time.

 Don’t Always Go For The “Best” Deal

The lowest price tag doesn’t always equate to the best deal, especially when it comes to a piece of equipment like a video camera. A camcorder may be cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the best purchase. A more expensive camera can be marked down quite a bit on Black Friday but still be pricier than cheaper models, which can make some people gloss over the potential savings.

Comparing before and after prices is your best route, along with the specifications of video cameras. If one camera is a little bit more expensive but has tons more memory space and better sound quality, it may actually be the prime option even if it isn’t the cheapest. Again, knowing what you want out of a video camera is crucial here.

Look Out For Deals On Accessories

What’s great about equipment like cameras and camcorders is that you can improve upon their base features with added accessories, like lenses for increased zoom capabilities or microphones for better sound quality.

With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for savings on video camera accessories. An incredibly cheap lens could make the difference when using a camera. Plus, an on-sale accessory may make up for the shortcomings of a cheaper camera you were considering.

 Make Sure You Plan Ahead

Now, we’ve already pointed out the importance of knowing what you want out of a camera, but another type of planning is just as important on Black Friday: researching sales.

Choose a model of camera (or know the general features) then scour through the websites of major retailers and photography stores. That way, you know where the most savings can be found.

 And do start now. Black Friday deals are posted earlier and earlier every single year. Some stores even have pre-Black Friday sales, meaning you may be able to bypass the craziness of shopping holiday entirely.

Consider Waiting Until Cyber Monday

For those unaware, following the Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday there’s Cyber Monday, the day where online stores have crazy sales. Quite honestly, that may be the best time to buy your new video camera, just because you’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with hordes of shoppers on Black Friday.

 You see, unlike a piece of apparel, a video camera works the same no matter who is handling it. There’s no need to worry whether or not it’s going to fit, what you see online is what you’re going to get when it comes to a camera. So do take Cyber Monday into consideration when seeking out a video camera, keeping all of the aforementioned points in mind, of course.

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